On-Demand Improvements

Strategic Enhancements

Tackle the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century

Give your long-term transformation efforts the necessary spark and embark yourself and your organisation on a self-reflective learning and development journey.

Change is inevitable

The question is just in which direction we want it to proceed?

“The more efficient you are at doing the wrong thing, the wronger you become. But if you do the right thing wrong and correct it, you get better” – Russel L. Ackoff

Equip yourself with next-gen skills to tackle complex 21st century challenges. Improve inclusivity, self-reflection, and adaptability to achieve sustainable results.

An evolutionary meta skill to thrive in complexity

Complexity Management (C2M) is a concept that recognizes complexity as a valuable achievement of evolution. It focuses on three essential aspects of successful complexity management: the ability to quickly dimension, differentiate, and execute these skills.

This introductory course aims to introduce the basics of effective complexity management. Participants will learn how to analyze and improve their complexity skills, leading to better communication and effectiveness. By adopting C2M, individuals, teams, and organizations can gain valuable insights and capabilities to handle complexity, promote creativity, and make informed long-term and short-term decisions.

This four-hour introductory course is based on 30 years of complexity and systems research. It is designed for individuals who are serious about inclusion, diversity, self-organization, sustainability, adaptiveness, and development but also successfully want to apply these concepts in practice.

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Complexity Management

Navigate and lead more effectively in complex landscapes

If you have sufficient abilities to react to the unexpected, planning for eventualities becomes a waste of time. 

Improvement Kata

Everyone, everyday and everywhere

A meta skill for greater adaptivness and superior results

Curiosity, inventiveness, problem-solving skills, and science are our civilisation’s basic building blocks of progress. However, the world we live in today presents us with increasingly complex challenges that our traditional tools and methods are inadequate for addressing.

We need innovative and new ways to quickly adapt to constantly changing environments and develop creative solutions to dissolve problems. These new ways require timeless skills and are not limited to specific solutions. Such skills are known as meta-skills.

By applying and practising the means of the Improvement Kata, we can cultivate a practical scientific way of thinking, which is a timeless and solution-neutral meta-skill. This will prepare us to tackle the emerging and complex challenges of the 21st century.

  • Acquire a meta-skill that enables you, your team, or your organisation to overcome even the most challenging obstacles. 
  • Develop the ability to adapt faster to new and unfamiliar situations and handle sudden changes with greater confidence. 
  • By developing this skill, you can save a lot of time and money that you might have spent on expensive courses, certificates, books, and other resources.
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  • KATA are easy accessible learning and practice routines based on only four steps
  • It provides you a way to teach yourself whatever you want to be able to
  • It comes with a logical clear and easy to understand process for learning
  • It contains a visual experience that guides you and let you understand your progress
  • It helps you establishing a psychologic safe environment for learning and development

Leading, orientating and developing in complexity

The Coaching Kata is designed for next-gen of leadership. It aims to enhance the scientific coaching skills required for self-organization, empowerment, self-determination, and adaptive innovation.

By applying the Coaching Kata, you will learn how to navigate the complexities of our time and transform them into opportunities for creative development and success in your organization.

Embark on a learning journey where you, for example, learn to improve the efficiency of your value stream and free up creativity, amplifying your organizational impact. As you navigate increasingly challenging goals, we will hone your ability to foster innovation, resilience, and problem-solving skills.

Let’s create fertile ground for goal-oriented learning, setting the stage for you and your team to pioneer confidently in challenging times. Experience the transformation as you:

  • Master the art of the Coaching Kata to unlock your team’s full potential
  • Lead and orientate with more confidence 
  • Create a motivating and supportive work environment for increased productivity, work satisfaction and innovation
  • Develop a learning organisational culture that acts reflectively, is constructive in dealing with new challenges, continuously improves and remains agile
Let’s schedule a demo and try the Kata yourself.
Online or Onsite. Make it your decision.

Coaching Kata

The Essence of Next-Gen Leadership

No magic, just scientific

Sparking innovation, continuous learning and improvement are not rocket science. Anyone can do it! 

“Toyota is built on the scientific way of thinking…How do I respond to this problem? Not a toolbox. You have to be willing to start small, learn through trial and error ” – Hajime Oba


The gym for next-gen leadership

A neverending Masterclass for learning and development

The Dojo is a place that promotes the cultivation of practical scientific thinking skills to create a nimble and constantly evolving organization. It provides a safe and supportive environment where leaders can enhance their coaching abilities in a focused manner, share experiences and challenges freely, and experiment with new ideas.

In the current landscape of organizations, learning and adaptability are critical components of development and growth. Hence, leading by example and putting into practice what you preach is what the Dojo is all about.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

For an organization to thrive in future markets, it must constantly enrich themselves with new knowledge and skills. This is the only way to continuously improve processes, design sustainable products and bring out the creativity and inventiveness necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

To achieve this, a system that empowers leadership and employees to facilitate goal-directed learning is needed, enabling the organization to reach outstanding results and remain competitive in the ever-changing business landscape.

Organisational capabilities that truly matter

The Management Kata is a purposeful concept for creating a strategically smart and tactically inclusive learning and working environment. An environment where everyone can participate, feels involved and challenged, enjoys learning and is motivated to work co-creatively towards long-term goals.

  • A modern framework for self-organisation towards ambitious and challenging goals
  • A motiavting learning and working environment that increases adaptability and continously improves vital results
  • A way to support future generations by developing a meta-skillset to drive innovations and dissolve today’s and tomorrow’s complex challenges
If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and are serious about a sustainable transformation toward a true learning organisation contact me right away.

Management Kata

The smart learning and working environment


The Toyota Kata is a deliberate and easy-to-practise exercise routine that leads to the meta-skill of practical scientific thinking.

KATA is a Japanese word for “a way of doing something”. In traditional martial arts, KATA are patterns of exercises that are passed on from master to student. In the first step, the focus is on a specific approach that must first be internalised before it can be taken further.

Starter Kata are simple, pre-defined and structured exercises that we use at the beginning to encourage a more scientific way of thinking through deliberate practice. Starter KATA help us to familiarise ourselves with this new way of thinking. In addition, they help us to develop a common way of thinking, speaking and acting, which is the prerequisite for mastering major challenges in a cooperative manner.

The Improvement Kata is the core of the Toyota Kata. It is a model for a systematic scientific approach to overcome obstacles on our way approaching a vision, strategic goals and challenges. The model consists of four main steps: Understanding the goal or direction, grasping the current condition, defining the next target condition, and iterating and adapting to obstacles on the way to the next target condition.

The Coaching Kata is the second routine within the Toyota Kata. It is a structure that helps business leaders, team leaders and teachers to facilitate scientific goal-oriented learning and to create a learning organisation. The Coaching Kata consists of targeted but open-ended questions that help learners better reflect on and master their daily and long-term challenges.

The Toyota Kata is the simplest learning routine that not only leads to continuous improvement and improved learning for individuals and the entire organisation, but also to greater agility, adaptability and innovative strength. Three essential factors in today’s complexity. In addition, we establish a psychologically safe learning environment in which everyone receives the opportunity to acquire the future-critical meta-skills of practical scientific thinking.

Each step in the Improvement Kata model corresponds to the pattern we follow in professional science. The main difference, however, is that professional science is more about dealing with things that already exist, while the Improvement Kata is more about finding innovative solutions to challenge we face or set up our selves – a goal directed way of learning. The latter makes it completely applicable to everyday life and therefore a practical everyday science.

The Toyota Kata is neither a Lean method nor a tool, but a practice routine that develops a meta-skill: practical scientific thinking. By practicing the Improvement and Coaching Kata, organisations, teams and individuals learn to deal with complex problems and challenges through iterative learning cycles rather than simply applying certain tools to known processes. With the KATA you invent your own tools, methods and approaches through experimentation.

No matter how we look at it, both Lean and Agile have their historical roots in Japanese style monozukuri (the art, science and craft of making things) and the systems thinking that emerged in the late 1940s, fuelled by cybernetics and operations research.

Underlying this is the ability to synthesise, i.e. to think scientifically about interrelationships and act accordingly. Along with the ability to deal with complexity, this is an ability that we have unfortunately lost due to complex adaptation mechanisms in industrialised society, and which we can now bring back to life with Toyota Kata.

Away from simple tool thinking, towards true innovation!

In todays dynamic and complex world practical scientific thinking plays a central role. It enables us to respond effectively to unpredictable change, continually deepen our understanding and find new, creative solutions. In an age where complexity and uncertainty have become the norm, practical scientific thinking becomes an indispensable meta skill.

As humans, we are prone to biases and tend to respond automatically to anything that falls outside our comfort zone. This is why learning something new can be a challenging and painful experience. However, we must remember that we will reap what we sow. Though change is never easy, we can hasten the process by seeking the guidance of a Coach to facilitate our learning.

To put it simply: No, you can’t just become a coach without mastering the basics first.

It’s essential to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals before trying to coach others. However, we shouldn’t let this discourage us from trying out coaching as soon as possible. The problem is that we often overestimate our abilities, which can lead to a focus on short-term efficiency gains through telling rather than facilitation of developing sustainable meta-skills.

To develop something sustainable, we need to internalize the basics with the guidance of an experienced coach and learning expert first.

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“Normal” is a term from industrialisation. You can use it to make screws and lay railway tracks but not to master the complex challenges of tomorrow’s innovative organisation.

What you realy need today are autodidacts, polymaths, neo-generalists, complexity masters, and scientific-systemic thinkers. You need people who can think and act their way into things in a contemporary way.

You need the meta-perspective that only comes from comprehensive systemic education and with many years of practical experience.