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“Normal” is a term from industrialisation. You can use it to make screws and lay railway tracks but not to master the complex challenges of tomorrow’s innovative organisation.

What you realy need today are autodidacts, polymaths, neo-generalists, complexity masters, and scientific-systemic thinkers. You need people who can think and act their way into things in a contemporary way.

You need the meta-perspective that only comes from comprehensive systemic education and with many years of practical experience.

“If you are looking for or want to get to know exceptionally competent people who are not only extremely knowledgeable about organisational and social development, but who – and this is rare – are also able to combine experience and knowledge at a high level at a fast pace and therefore don’t constantly serve you the same boring stuff, then you should definitely talk to Dominik.”

Gitta Peyn

Founder Formwelt & Formwelten Institute, Researcher Complexity and Cybernetics  

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The easiest way to swim is to follow the tide.

But dont’t expect anything new from it.

There is no better way to dissolve today’s problems and tomorrow’s crises than by re:designing our present and, from here, inventing ways to approach this design as closely as possible.

Let us embrace science as a means of navigating through the barriers preventing us from gaining new insights and enabling innovative and problem-dissolving solutions for a sustainable future.