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The best way to predict the future, is to create it.

Development, improvement, and transformation services for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in Denmark and Europe.

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On-demand Improvements

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Future Re:Design

No recipes, no magic – simply, practical and with a pinch of science.

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Mobilizing Ideas: the art, science, and craft of doing things differently better.
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High-quality development and improvements for SMBs

… everything around us follows rules, processes and patterns. Let’s make use of this insight to achieve challenging and tough goals faster.

On-Demand Improvements

For everyone in great need to improve now.

Easily lower your costs, improve your quality, let your work flow and create time for what matters to you.

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Deliberate practice and training for your brain muscles.

Strategic Enhancements

Give your long-term transformation efforts the necessary spark and embark yourself and your organisation on a self-reflective learning and development journey.

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Everyone, everyday and everywhere

Today’s tools and methods are often too narrow and confined solving yesterday’s problems. But what about today’s challenges and those we can’t predict?

That’s where timeless meta-skills like practical scientific thinking come in, empowering us to learn on the go, adapt, improve, innovate and carve out unique ways to tackle ever more demanding challenges.

Whether at work or in everyday life, in a team or at home, practical scientific thinking is universally applicable and can be learned anywhere and by anyone – with a KATA.

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Develop sufficient systemic and scientific thinking skills, then thinking about competition becomes superfluous.

Future Re:Design

Learn to create the future you want – with the latest innovative approaches fresh from systemic organisational development and complexity research. Its about time to take our evolution back in our hands.

Let’s schedule a call if you want to make a difference and build something that lasts.
this image shows the future re:designmodel by dominik ortelt
Dissolving Future Mess

We tend to stumble or fail more often in the long-term, not because of the steps we take, but because of the opportunities for change we ignore.

A network which makes the evolutionary difference.

Together with over 40 researchers, experts and organisational developers, I work and create models and means suitable for the complex challenges of the 21st century.

“If you are looking for or want to get to know exceptionally competent people who are not only extremely knowledgeable about organisational and social development, but who – and this is rare – are also able to combine experience and knowledge at a high level at a fast pace and therefore don’t constantly serve you the same boring stuff, then you should definitely talk to Dominik.”

Gitta Peyn

Founder Formwelt & Formwelten Institute, Researcher Complexity and Cybernetics  

“Are you located in Denmark and want to take your continuous improvement process to the next level? Dominik will help you and your team achieve challenging goals through a more scientific way of working and collaborating.”

Tilo Schwarz

Author & Co-founder Campus for Leaders Ansbach University of Applied Science

“It is truly a blessing to have Dominik as a learning partner. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge on various topics, but he also treats a collaborator with respect and makes you feel welcome in discussions.”

Mailik Sisic

Head of Purchasing Department, Volkswagen Sarajevo

“Dominik is a great person to work with. He is an intense listener who seeks opportunities in dialogues and responds brilliantly and constructively. The fact that he is “down to earth” means that he implements the practical based on his vast knowledge. His courage, accountability and leadership make the room psychologically safe.”

Vibekke Hatting

Improvement Consultant, Region Syddanmark

“Dominik is pragmatic and context related with a scientific mindset that he uses to grasp the root causes of all kinds of challenges he faces. His in-depth knowledge and expertise makes him someone who really challenges your own thinking.”

Martin Holm

Quality Specialist, Bang & Olufsen

Discovery Call

Book a discovery call and schedule your preferred date and time. Choose between a Zoom meeting or a callback. I look forward to talking to you.

“Normal” is a term from industrialisation. You can use it to make screws and lay railway tracks but not to master the complex challenges of tomorrow’s innovative organisation.

What you realy need today are autodidacts, polymaths, neo-generalists, complexity masters, and scientific-systemic thinkers. You need people who can think and act their way into things in a contemporary way.

You need the meta-perspective that only comes from comprehensive systemic education and with many years of practical experience.

Fresh perspectives

Get new, inspiring ideas, insights and viewpoints that enrich and expand your reflection skills and way of thinking.

Increased adaptability

Develop a more resilient business in a fast-changing, dynamic environment

Better decision making

Improve decision-making through more functional communication, discourse and consent techniques.

Improved leadership capabilities

Develop world-class, next-generation scientific coaching skills through collaborative learning.

Increased employee satisfaction

Create a fulfilling and supportive learning environment that fosters a self-learning company culture.

Expand your network

Unlock new opportunities through access to an expanded, diversified network of world-class international experts.

System thinking capabilities

Recognise and understand the interactions within your organisation and the world around you to make more effective decisions.

Practical scientific thinking

Develop excellent skills for a results-orientated approach that drives continuous improvement and innovation.

Increased productivity

Increase productivity through more effective collaboration, continuous learning and improvement of vital business processes.

There is no better way to dissolve today’s problems and tomorrow’s crises than by re:designing our present and, from here, inventing ways to approach this design as closely as possible.

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