Future RE:Design

Creating and approaching the future you want

Let´s approach the future you desire by applying the latest findings from systemic organizational development and complexity research. 

Predictions: a guarantee for a mess of unsustainable results

The least effective one can do is to waste time planning forward for an unknown infinite future. It is by far more effective to focus on the present, dissolving its mess and creating the future you want.

Dissolving Future Mess

To address complex problems and transformational challenges, we cannot rely on incremental adjustments and improvements within the paradigms that led us into trouble. Simply put, we cannot improve our way out of a mess hence a fundmanetally different approach is needed.

Moving beyond current paradigms, future re:design is a purposeful decision commiting to foster more resilience, adaptability, and development for sustainable long-term success by adressing the system(s) leading into the mess.

We provide and design means and practices to enable such re:design, reorganizing the undetermined in your communication systems, structures and processes and leading into a more inclusive, functional and co-creative environment approaching a  desirable future.

Re:designing your communication organisation

It is impossible for us not to communicate. Every gesture, facial expression, noise, sound, and more are data, symbols, and parts of a communication system in which the system decides how it uses this information, selects it and informs itself.

Whenever individuals engage in conversations, the space metaphorically encapsulates a microcosm of societal norms, personal beliefs and cultural preferences.

However, not every act of communication is universally accepted or influences its direction. Similarly, not every perspective shared holds significance for further discussions. And even an absent member may influence the dynamics of the room significantly, their opinions echoing as if they were present.

So, how functional and effective is your communication organisation regarding its direction, objectives and long-term goals? Let’s find out.

Re:designing your communication organisation

The very first step to re:orientate your communication organisation is to understand communication as a complex living decision-making system of triple selevtive FORMs.

From here, we can observe its focus, emulating its direction and concluding on matching interventions if needed.

From here, we can observe its focus, emulating its direction and concluding on matching interventions if needed.

The Formwelten Institute and its more than 30 years of research are unique for their cutting-edge communication and AI technologies and extraordinary systemic training for next-gen leadership.

Formwelt starts there, brings together and goes beyond what outstanding people like Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bertrand Russel, Allan Turing, Karl Popper, Kurt Göden, John von Neumann, Robert Axelrod, Norbert Wiener, Heinz von Foerster, Humberto Maturana, Niklas Luhman and many others have embarked on.

Systemic Communication

Complexity Management

Complexity Designer

“Normal” is a term from industrialisation. You can use it to make screws and lay railway tracks but not to master the complex challenges of tomorrow’s innovative organisation.

What you need today are Autodidacts, polymaths, neo-generalists, complexity masters, and scientific-systemic thinkers. You need people who can think and act their way into things in a contemporary way. You need the meta-perspective that only comes from comprehensive systemic education and with many years of practical experience.

Let’s schedule a call and talk about your needs.

Re:designing your present

Like omnicompetence, the ideal is an unattainable goal that can only be endlessly approached from the present. Hence, it’s more of a satisfying direction which, in its approach, serves one’s own legitimate needs and desires and those of others.

However, if we do not know how we want things to be right here and now in the present, what obscure idea it is to envision a far future? Even worse, the time spent planning for an infinite unpredictable future is time gone that else could be more effectively spent in the creative processes of re:designing the present, dissolving its mess and enabling the future we want.

And that’s what this learning journey is all about. Enabling a future by re:designing the present in which the space of possibilities expands despite all current problems, challenges and polycrises.

So imagine what your present would look like if you were free to design it.

Re:designing your present




My approach to enable the emergence of the future we want by re:designing our present builds up, brings together and goes beyond what outstanding people like Wojciech Jastrzębowski, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Edgar Arthur Singer, Ludwig von Bertalanffy, William Edwards Deming, Charles West Churchman, Taiichi Ohno, Stafford Beer, Russell Lincoln Ackoff, Peter Senge, Gitta and Ralf Peyn, and many other have embarked on.

Scientific Thinking Coach

Lean Specialist

Advanced Quality Planning

There is no better way to dissolve tomorrow’s poly crises than by re:designing our present and inventing ways to approach this design as closely as possible.

However, we often face obstructions that seem external but, by shifting our perspective to view our current position from our desired future, many obstacles vanish. This shift requires identifying and challenging self-imposed constraints that limit our alternatives and exploring the outcomes of overcoming these limitations. Embracing design not only aids in navigating through these barriers but also deepens our understanding, enabling innovative solutions for a transformative future.

Let’s work on the future by re:designing our present.

Learning Partnership

The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

However, this is not something that you can accomplish alone, nor does it provide enough enjoyment in the creative struggle that is available in our limited lifetime. Creating long-term added value as a team is both easier and more enjoyable.

My learning partnership is aimed towards teams, institutes, companies, and organizations that want to make a long-term difference, and those who are committed to social, economic, and sustainable development.

Making a difference requires doing something different from what the masses do, as we cannot expect anything new from them. Are you ready to begin a long-term learning partnership to become the difference?

Learning Partnership

Fresh perspectives

Get new, inspiring ideas, insights and viewpoints that enrich and expand your reflection skills and way of thinking.

Increased adaptability

Develop a more resilient business in a fast-changing, dynamic environment

Better decision making

Improve decision-making through more functional communication, discourse and consent techniques.

Improved leadership capabilities

Develop world-class, next-generation scientific coaching skills through collaborative learning.

Increased employee satisfaction

Create a fulfilling and supportive learning environment that fosters a self-learning company culture.

Expand your network

Unlock new opportunities through access to an expanded, diversified network of world-class international experts.

System thinking capabilities

Recognise and understand the interactions within your organisation and the world around you to make more effective decisions.

Practical scientific thinking

Develop excellent skills for a results-orientated approach that drives continuous improvement and innovation.

Increased productivity

Increase productivity through more effective collaboration, continuous learning and improvement of vital business processes.