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I am an autodidact, polymath, neo-generalist, complexity master and system science thinker. Curious. Pogoable. Just. Polyvalent. Multidimensional. Contextual. Crazy. Direct. Honest. Ambitious. Pluralistic. But above all, everything else than usual.

“If you are looking for or want to get to know exceptionally competent people who are not only extremely knowledgeable about organisational and social development, but who – and this is rare – are also able to combine experience and knowledge at a high level at a fast pace and therefore don’t constantly serve you the same boring stuff, then you should definitely talk to Dominik.”

Gitta Peyn

Founder Formwelt & Formwelten Institute, Researcher Complexity and Cybernetics  

How have you not been to university? How are you able to do all this and how come you know so much about so many different topics?” …are questions I’m often asked.

I am different

We are all born as autodidacts, masters of complexity and curious beings. However, most of us lose these innate abilities, but I did not.

I am more than my roles, certificates and titels

I am an organisational developer with over 20 years of cross-cultural business experience, including lean leadership, product development, manufacturing engineering, quality management and strategy development.

With my ingenuity, ability to look at problems multi-dimensionally, and talent for learning and evaluating process patterns and structures for efficiency and effectiveness, I have paved the way for numerous improvements and innovations.

However, the path to get there was different…

Director – Future Development

Formwelt gUG

2022 – today

Continuous Improvement Specialist

Lantmännen Cerealia A/S

2021 – 2022

Lean Manager / Specialist

Baettr A/S

2019 – 2021 

Production Engineer

Global Castings A/S

2013 – 2019 

Production Engineer

Vestas Windsystems A/S

2009 – 2013 

Machining Operator

Vestas Windsystems A/S

2007 – 2009 

The way of an autodidact

Yes, I was the best in my class for a long time.

Learning at school was easy for me, and I enjoyed it for a long time. However, this changed when my insatiable curiosity not only exceeded the abilities of my teachers and the systemic framework conditions to which they were subject but also when the bullying of others who didn’t like my enthusiasm set in.

From then on, I pursued my own interests.

I learned what I wanted, when I wanted it, and how I wanted it. During the day or at night. That is to say, when I wasn’t busy playing soccer or partying.

Coming from a German working-class family, which I loved to support, I decided against studying at a university, even though I had long toyed with the idea of studying electronics engineering abroad in the Netherlands.

Instead, I was initially drawn to backwards-looking and conservative German companies for the money.

However, working according to the book and delivering the bare minimum could never motivate me for long. And so I ended up abroad in Denmark.

Learning by doing

When I came to Denmark, nobody was interested in my previous school grades, certificates, networks or references. All that mattered was my performance and that I had enough self-confidence to do things that I had no idea about before.

I started small and simple as a production worker, but unlike in Germany, I was allowed to realise my talents and develop them further.

After a short time, I started to improve processes around me, organise workplaces better and more safely, and made a name for myself. Two years later, I was offered the opportunity to move to the office, learning more about production engineering and quality.

Here, I learned to organise and lead improvement projects, took over product data and change management, helped establish new factory sites, and reduced production lead times and costs.

No matter my challenges, everyone knew that my name stood for high-quality and simplified work. And because of these skills, I created more and more time and creative freedom for myself, which I used to look for new challenges and new things to learn.

Certified Complexity Designer

Certified Complexity Manager

Certified Systemic Communication

Certified Lean Specialist

Certified Lean Manager

Certified Toyota Kata Coach

Conscious Bussines Leadership

ISO 9001 Auditor Programme

Global 8D Problem Solving

Advanced Quality Planning

Production Part Approval Process

… and many more.

If it does not challenge you, it wont change you

During that time, I helped with hundreds of risk assessments of business-critical production and administration processes. I trained, coached and mentored hundreds of production workers, supervisors and managers. I learned to develop company-wide strategies and to develop means to approach important strategic outcomes.

I designed production equipment, led product data management initiatives and hundreds of product changes and improvements, went into quality management and the design of quality management systems, established new factory sites and worked thousands of hours with employee health and safety-related processes.

Apart from marketing and formal management responsibility, although I was part of the management team, I learned and tried out a lot thanks to my talent for self-learning and innate curiosity.

But even that’s far from what I else learned and became knowable about.

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The easiest way to swim is to follow the tide.

But dont’t expect anything new from it.

Today I am well connected with more than 40 scientists, experts and organisational developers. These include universities in Canada, the USA, Austria and Germany as well as top researchers in complexity, cybernetics and systems research.

I support the education of crisis managers in Kenya. India and Australia, write articles on systems science and I am co-organiser of KataCon Europe.

And when I’m not teaching myself something new, such as webdesign, animation, filming or about epistemology and neuroscience, or watching documentaries and playing games, I’m spending time with my wonderful family or training my dog.

What’s not to like?

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“Normal” is a term from industrialisation. You can use it to make screws and lay railway tracks but not to master the complex challenges of tomorrow’s innovative organisation.

What you realy need today are autodidacts, polymaths, neo-generalists, complexity masters, and scientific-systemic thinkers. You need people who can think and act their way into things in a contemporary way.

You need the meta-perspective that only comes from comprehensive systemic education and with many years of practical experience.